Allelopathy Investigation Kit
The Science Fair Project in a Bag

Allelopathy is the name given by which some plants chemically inhibit the germination, or growth of competitors. The chemicals may be released from plant cell tissues directly into the air (volatile chemicals), or released into the soil from the roots or from decomposing leaves. The all time champion for studying allelopathy is The Black Walnut Tree, which produces a potent pesticide and herbicide called juglone” (5 hydroxy-1, 4-napthoquinone), which occurs naturally in all parts of the tree and thereby creates a protective zone around the Black Walnut Tree.

Designed as a hands-on activity this kit includes everything needed for student investigators to compare the allelopathic affects of juglone, the chemical agent produced by the Black Walnut tree, on fast growing plants over the course of 7 days and its biodegradability in soil.

Because preparing juglone from Black Walnut tree tissue can be quite messy we recommend this kit for hands-on use by boys and girls in the upper elementary and middle school grades. This activity is also a great teacher demonstration for younger students.

The Allelopathy Investigation Kit includes:
Radish, corn and tomato seeds
1.5 oz. Black Walnut juglone solution
Spray bottle
Interactive CD-ROM with lab investigations, data input and presentation software
Black Walnut tree tissue

For Student Scientists:
Your next science fair project or class presentation will be a rewarding experience. Our clear and scientifically designed experimental investigations will help you make the grade as you discover how allelopathy chemically inhibits the growth other plants and how this chemical warfare between plants may have potentially important applications for agriculture and home lawn care.

Each kit contains the major items needed to conduct two scientific investigations and our ready-to-use data reporting CD will enable you to record your results quickly and efficiently, you simply enter the data and print out your results.

For Parents and Teachers:
This science kit was not only design for classroom use, but also as a science fair activity. The major supplies needed to setup, conduct, and record the results of allelopathy investigations to post on a Tri-fold display board are included in the kit.

A real-world application for the data gained from this science fair project is to consider the use of Juglone and/or other natural allelopathic substances as potential alternatives to the use of traditional commercially produced herbicides with all of the accompanying ill effects to people and the environment that commercial herbicides produce.

The materials in the kits provide highly interactive learning; they conform to the National Science Standards, the various State Education Standards, and are thematic and interdisciplinary.

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Black Walnut Tree Tissue (Leaf, bark, branch, stem, & twigs)

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